[EM] MAMPO variations

Forest W Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Sat Mar 24 14:19:04 PDT 2007

Thanks, Kevin, I should have known that Woodall would have already 
considered this in his systematic way.

BTW, the more I think about MAMPO, the more I like it.

How about three slot MAMPO?

How about this variation of Chris Benham's idea?:

For each candidate X, let EQF(X) be the number of ballots on which X is 
ranked first or equal first.

Let MPO(X) be the maximum pairwise opposition to X.

Elect the candidate X for which the score EQF(X)-MPO(X) is greatest, 
i.e. for which MPO(X)-EQF(X) is least.

This method kind of tacitly acknowledges up front that these FBC 
compliant methods tend to encourage lots of Equal First rankings.

But combining this method with ER Bucklin or Range Bucklin would allow 
voters simpler zero-info strategy:

With range ballots, let R be the highest rating at or above which some 
candidate is rated on more than half of the ballots.

Now collapse all of the ratings above R to "Equal First" and apply the 
previous method.


Kevin V. wrote ...

>Incidentally, Woodall calls the level of "consent" for A over B the
>"doubly-augmented gross score" for A over B. He calls MMPO "MinDAGS."
>I believe what he calls "DminDAGS" is equivalent to the method you're
>talking about, in which case it should satisfy plurality, majority for
>solid coalitions, and clone independence, but not Condorcet or LNHarm.

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