Michael Ossipoff mikeo2106 at msn.com
Wed Mar 14 03:26:45 PDT 2007

Kevin's FBC/SF is much more concise in its meaning (though not its wording), 
and clearer and more useable than the expectation FBC that I named in my 
previous posting. Limiting it to that set of equal-ranked candidates does 
make it much more useable than my expectation FBC. That's probably what 
Chris meant.

But I don't agree that FBC/SF is more "technical" than the FBC that I've 
been using, which could be called outcome SFC. Outcome SFC has a very clear, 
definite and unambiguous meaning language and meaning. To put it in 
colloquial language, for brevity, it should never be possible to improve 
one's outcome by voting someone over one's favorite.

What makes that difficult to apply is that there could be all sorts of ways 
that favorite-burial might give you a better result (just as there could be 
all sorts of ways that it could improve your expectation). But speaking of 
the outcome is more concrete than speaking of expectation, and there is 
nothing imprecise about ordinary outcome-FBC.

Well, I did have to accept some suggestions from EM members, to make its 
official wording unambiguous and precise.

Mike Ossipoff

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