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Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Wed Jan 3 06:38:39 PST 2007


--- Brian Olson <bql at bolson.org> a écrit :
> If I understand this, it's a Condorcet cycle resolution system based  
> purely on who was 1st pick on each ballot. So, count up the virtual  
> round robin matrix, and count 1st place votes separately for later if  
> needed.
> It's incomplete. A Condorcet method can elect someone no one put in  
> for first place. It can even have a cycle of people no one voted for  
> first place.

It counts first preferences of candidates defeating the potential
winner pairwise. A CW will always have a score of zero under this

However, you are right about there being a little cause for concern:

34 A>E>F
33 B>E>F
33 C>E>F

I believe this is an E-F tie. E's win over F is worthless due to E's
lack of first preferences.

Kevin Venzke

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