[EM] Joe: Could you explain the question?

Michael Ossipoff mikeo2106 at msn.com
Tue Jan 23 05:37:59 PST 2007


You asked what is the role of 1/e in the formula for Bias-Free's round-off 
point.  I tried to answer by saying that ((b^b)/(a^a))(1/e) is just the 
result I got when looking for the round-off point that would make cycles' 
s/q = 1. That's all I can say about where the formula came from.

What was the meanng of your question? In what sense was "role" intended?

Unless I made an error (and I probably didn't make an error), the formula 
for Weighted Bias-Free doesn't contain "e". Weighted Bias-Free is gotten by 
a/q-1 and b/q-1 by a weight that approximates the frequency density of 
states at a particular q value. I approximate that density function by:

B/(q+A), which has the same general behavior as the distribution function, 
though of course it will be a rough approximation.

Mike Ossipoff

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