[EM] Some more ideas along the lines of my recent postings

Simmons, Forest simmonfo at up.edu
Tue Jan 9 10:54:10 PST 2007

First a voter cancellation method for small groups:
All of the voters stand.  A randomly chosen voter is required to sit down. Each voter that is required to sit down requires one other voter to sit down. The last voter required to sit down picks the winning alternative (or designates a proxy to make the choice).
For large groups this method can be automated by assuming that a voter would drag down the one whose ballot was most distant from her own.  Different methods result from different measures of distance.  For example, if the ballot of a voter was A>B>C>D, one might assume that this voter would pull down a voter that ranked D in first place, and among those a voter that ranked A in last place, etc.
Next, another small group method:
1. A randomly chosen voter chooses an alternative, which becomes the current champion.
2. Then another voter is chosen at random.  This new voter can either pass or propose an alternative, which in that case is compared pairwise with the champion.  The winner becomes the new current champ.
3.  etc.
4. After the last voter's turn, and the pairwise comparison, the new current champion wins the election.
This can also be automated.
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