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Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Thu Dec 27 13:13:14 PST 2007


--- Don&Cathy Hoffard <dchoffard at verizon.net> a écrit :
> If we have to have 5 candidate in the general election why not have the
> 5 (based on the Condorcet method)

> Condorcet ranking (assumed based on margins and averages)

Selecting the top X candidates using Condorcet, and averaging pairwise
margins, both seem like very clone-dependent rules.

To pick the candidates for the second round you should use a method that
never gives a party an advantage when they nominate more or fewer

That goes for the second round as well, of course. If a party is generally
better off only owning 1 of the 5 slots in the second round, then sometimes
candidates will feel pressure (from their party) to drop out of the running
even though they qualified for the second round.

I tend to think that even in clone-independent methods, parties will tend
to feel that they can only be hurt and not helped by supporting more than
one candidate in a single-winner race.

Kevin Venzke

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