[Election-Methods] RE : Re: RE : Re: RE : Re: Is the Condorcet winner always the best?

Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Wed Dec 12 18:59:45 PST 2007


--- Juho <juho4880 at yahoo.co.uk> a écrit :
> I don't fully agree that "the whole purpose of specifying NOTB is to  
> allow us to ignore those rankings". It think in this case it is good  
> to allow a voter to say "I don't support A and B but in the case that  
> one of them will be elected I prefer A to B".

"In this case"? Doesn't it matter what you do with the information? I'm not
a fan of letting voters provide more data if the method won't do anything
with it.

Kevin Venzke

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