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Fri Jun 23 03:34:45 PDT 2006

From: Jan Kok <jan.kok.5y at gmail.com>
>>  On 6/22/06, Simmons, Forest <simmonfo at up.edu> wrote:
>> If we unite with IRV supporters to enact ranked ballots, on the 
>> that the "back end" will be decided later, then we can get ranked 
>> enacted, and the back end decided in a less charged atmosphere.  
Many IRV
>> supporters, will come over to our side.
>This sounds like signing a contract with someone when some important
>terms have been left unspecified. That sort of thing makes _me_ very
>Why do you think the atmosphere will be less "charged" later?
>Do you have any examples (perhaps in other types of activism) where
>that approach has worked?

What about using the rule where multiple voting systems
are acceptable like in Brian Olson's proposed law and
having the voters vote on it.  These votes could be required
to happen at least once every 6 years or something.

The voting method used for picking the voting method would also be in
the poll.  The initial system would be plurality for all voting methods,
including the voting method elections.

As an example, on the "vote choice polling day" voters would
pick voting methods for:

selecting the voting methods
<any single winner voting method>

selecting the govenor
<any single winner voting method>

selecting the legislature
<any single winner voting method> (single seat districts)
<any proportional voting method> (e.g. closed/open party lists)
<multi seat districts> (e.g. STV-PR and others)

Voters could also be given more detailed choices on the current
methdod.  If STV-PR was being used for legislature elections, then
there could be additional choices added.  For example, choices
like the following could be added:

STV-PR (3+) (all districts have 3 or more seats)
STV-PR (5+)
STV-PR (3-5) (all must have between 3 and 5 seats)

Over 2-3 vote choice polls, the system should move towards
one of the systems that gives better voter expression.

For the voting method choice election, most people who support
approval would vote for IRV in a plurality vote if it looked like
IRV and plurality were the top 2 choices.  For the next voting
method election, they could campaign for approval without
indirectly supporting plurality as the vote to decide the voting
method would have been changed to IRV since the previous

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