[EM] Democratic Lottery Enhancement

Jobst Heitzig heitzig-j at web.de
Thu Jun 8 16:23:12 PDT 2006

Dear Raphael!

You wrote:
> This is not independent of cloning ... in a big way :).

What makes you think so? Assuming we add a clone y of x so that all
voters have x and y neighboured in their ranking and so that the new
initial proportions of papers naming either x or y is the same as the
original proportion of papers naming x, it seems that each voter will
return exactly the same number of papers naming either x or y as they
returned papers naming x originally. This seems to indicate that the
procedure is clone-proof all right, isn't it?

> If so, there is an odd number of winners in that case, which might
> prove problematic.

This is not obvious to me. Can you prove it?

Yours, Jobst

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