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raphfrk at netscape.net raphfrk at netscape.net
Thu Jun 8 14:01:44 PDT 2006

  Simmons, Forest <simmonfo at up.edu> wrote:
> For the purposes of this message, a lottery is a stack of papers of
> copier size (8.5 inch by 11 inch) such that each paper has the name
of exactly
> one candidate typed on it.
> This stack of papers is a lottery in the sense that a sheet of paper
can be
> drawn at random from the stack to determine the election winner.
> Democratic Lottery Enhancement (DLE).
> 1.  Each voter is issued two copies of the initial lottery, i.e. the
> that is considered to be in need of democratic enhancement.
> 2.  Each voter selects exactly half of the papers for discard, and
then returns
> the other half of the papers.
> 3.  The returned papers are collated or merged to form a new,
> enhanced lottery.

---- This is not independent of cloning ... in a big way :).

Sorry, should read more carefully :).
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