[EM] IRV vs Condorcet - a challenge

Dave Ketchum davek at clarityconnect.com
Mon Jun 12 09:22:59 PDT 2006

I see ranked choice, represented by IRV and Condorcet, as deserving 
serious consideration.

I offer an example emphasizing an IRV weakness - not expectable 
frequently, but earns really ugly publicity when it happens.

Some competing methods:
      Plurality - pretty well agreed to be a loser.
      PR - worth considering when a district can be constructed for 
electing multiple members.
      Approval - a possibility when ranked choice ballots seem too 
difficult to implement.  I call Approval unacceptably weak for not letting 
the voter indicate multiple levels of preference such as desired, 
acceptable, tolerable, reject.

Some features:
      Permitting equal ranking for multiple candidates.  Desirable for 
pleasing those who call Approval desirable; doable with Condorcet, though 
there can be arguments as to counting' Not doable as practical for IRV 
(explain how if you disagree).
      Demanding that voters rank all candidates.  UNACCEPTABLE!  Voters 
CANNOT be forced to do intelligent ranking among candidates they lump as 
rejects - especially when there are many rejects.
      Permitting voters to rank all candidates.  ESSENTIAL for at least 
the voters' top three choices; more is better.

I offer a vote for choosing when elections should be held:
  9 APR
23 OCT

Condorcet will recognize OCT as winner, over MAR,MAY,NOV,SEP,APR.

IRV will not see OCT desirability, so will award APR after discarding 
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