[EM] voting reform effort in DENVER - PLEASE HELP

Brian Olson bql at bolson.org
Sun Jun 11 14:38:06 PDT 2006

The approach I'm taking is to write all the good methods into law and  
allow the election official in charge (secretary of state, county  
clerk, etc) to pick from an approved method.

I've been writing something up sorta in the format of California Law  
which I think is almost ready and I plan to send to my state  
legislators this week.


Comments on that are welcome, and if we have boilerplate legalese-ish  
specifications of election methods that might help them be good to go  
wherever the law needs to be changed.

I'm promoting these methods in what I've written up so far:
Approval Voting
Yes/No Vote (for initiatives, judge retention, etc. Anything single- 
issue yes or no.)
Instant Runoff Normalized Ratings (because it's my baby)
Instant Runoff Voting (because IRVists will demand it)
Virtual Round Robin Tournament (aka Condorcet. with CSSD)
Single Transferrable Vote (with droop quota and meek reweighting. for  
multi-seat elections)

Brian Olson

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