[EM] Amnon Rubinstein's Proposal for Electoral Reform in Israel

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election-methods-request at electorama.com wrote:    Hello, Antonio.

>I've never really been a fan of STV-PR...
I'd prefer Simmons PAV method, but that has practically no recongnition worldwide, despite it's obvious merits. For one, unlike STV affecting the amount of candidates that your party runs won't mean you win more or less seats. For another, moderates won't be squeezed out by the same effect that causes them to be squeezed out in IRV. Unlike STV, PAV has the advantage that you never have to betray your favorite in order to get another candidate into the first few rounds. Besides all of that, it is obviously easier to rank.
  I read a bit about PAV before answering this. I read the following excerpt: "
  If almost all voters only voted for all the candidates of a single party then the results would essentially be the same as the D'Hondt method of party-list proportional representation" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proportional_approval_voting). The d'Hondt (tweaked to make it favor large parties yet more) method is the voting method we are presently belaboring under in Israel. It is the method that I am trying to get away from because it has proven so disastrous here. If PAV were to be instituted here, party hacks would direct their supporters to vote as they always had and nothing would change at all.
>So, here would be my proposal. I'm a fan of bicameral legislatures, and I'd want one to be majoritrian, for stability, and one to be proportional, in order to allow minority voice in... 
  I do not think this idea suits Israel. A Knesset of 120 members is historically and culturally significant to us.
  >You could then divide the country into thirty-five constituncies, and have each one elect four persons through PAV every three years
  Although I do not think your system is applicable here, I do agree that elections should be held every three years.
  >I think the executive branch should be seperate, but electing straight may be a bad idea. Possibly, you could split the legislative branch into a set of 10 or so "executives", 
  I favor the make-up of the Swiss Federal Council.
  Thank you for your suggestions, Antonio.



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