[EM] Amnon Rubinstein's Proposal for Electoral Reform in Israel

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax abd at lomaxdesign.com
Wed Apr 26 19:27:23 PDT 2006

At 07:46 PM 4/26/2006, Antonio Oneala wrote:
>STV-PR is the best hope for a politically feasible option at the 
>moment, but I'm trying to say that PAV would most likely do a better 
>job.  PAV is a rather esotric system invented just 5 years ago, 
>though, which is why it has no hope right now.

At least I think Mr. Oneala wrote that. The James Gilmour signature 
followed the above immediately....

I'm just commenting on the elephant in this living room. There is a 
common assumption that it is impossible for [the best system, fill in 
the one under discussion] to be implemented, because it is not 
politically feasible.

Indeed, this may be true, under the current circumstances, what I 
often call "the system." But if we are interested in reform, why not 
look at what prevents good ideas from rapidly being considered, 
tested, proven, and then widely applied? And then try to reform *that*!


It was thinking like this that led me to FA/DP, and now to support 
the latest FA/DP project: http://metaparty.beyondpolitics.org

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