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Simmons, Forest simmonfo at up.edu
Fri Sep 23 13:06:56 PDT 2005

I like the modified ER Bucklin Whole version that Kevin and Mike have been considering.
I have two suggestions that might make it more viable as a public proposal:
1.  Keep the number of possible distinct ranks down to seven or eight, for ballot simplicity.
2.  Allow a special mark "+" to be made next to the favorite candidate in the top slot.
Call this method ER Bucklin Whole Plus or ERBWP.
The plus is there so that the voters who equal rank top for strategic purposes can still show extra moral support for their favorite, and for resolving ties.
In case of a tie, a random ballot is drawn.  The candidate with plus next to his name on that ballot gets to pick which of the tied candidates is elected.
If  two candidates have plus next to their names, then a coin is flipped to see which of the two candidates gets to pick from among the tied candidates.
This gives voters the expressive power that the voters want, along with a tiny bit of extra instrumental power for their favorite, without destroying the FBC property of  Kevin's ER Bucklin Whole.
Another version that would give even more meaning to the plus: if k is the first round in which there is a candidate with more than fifty percent, then consider all candidates with more than 50% in round k as tied, and use the "plus" tie breaking method described above.
Would this version preserve the FBC?
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