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Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Wed Sep 21 13:45:45 PDT 2005


--- Abd ul-Rahman Lomax <abd at lomaxdesign.com> a écrit :
> At 10:49 PM 9/20/2005, Kevin Venzke wrote:
> >Even if I am my favorite candidate (and wish to be elected), there 
> >is no guarantee
> >that sending myself to the completion convention is my best move. My 
> >presence in
> >this convention could alter the winner undesirably from my perspective.
> It is unclear why Mr. Venzke's presence would alter the result 
> unfavorably, unless he opens his mouth and nastiness comes out in 
> such a way as to alter people's perception of the otherwise-winner.

Let's say I'm candidate B and I receive 33 votes, so that at the convention
these preferences are represented:

33 A>B>C
33 B>C>A
33 C>A>B

In the absence of additional information, we have to suppose that the odds
of each candidate winning are equal. But perhaps my supporters have a
sentiment something like: B>C>>>>>>>>>>>A so that they'd rather not risk 
electing A. In that case, they are better off giving their 33 votes to
the C>A>B candidate.

> I find people making the weirdest objections to proxy systems....

Did I make an objection to proxy systems? I was only writing about FBC
potential of proxy systems.

Kevin Venzke

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