[EM] Mike's suggestions for Public Proposals

Simmons, Forest simmonfo at up.edu
Wed Sep 21 09:45:12 PDT 2005

Mike suggest that the best public proposals are ...

"Best: MDDA, or maybe MDDB, which combine FBC with SFC, thereby accomodating
the needs of different kinds of voters.  It now seems to me that MDDA is
better than MDDB. I'd said that SR would be a good proposal under certain
conditions, when people insist on a really simple rank method that only has
one part. But the power-truncation that SR needs probably spoils its
one-part simplicity. Of course the power truncation could be added
aftwerwards though, in a subsequent initiative. So maybe SR is still in the
running.  Approval or RV would be good too, meeting FBC and having
advantages of their own. Most winnable of the good public methods: RV."
Forest asks:
How about Majority Choice Approval ?  Like RV it is strategically equivalent to Approval,  but allows for more expressiveness than Approval.  It has the nice explicit reference to Majority: If any candidate is marked "favored" on a majority (more than fifty percent) of the ballots, then the one with the greatest majority wins.  When there is no majority favorite, the most approved candidate wins.
Also, do I remember correctly that MDDA starts by eliminating all candidates defeated by a majority of voters, and if there are any left, electing the most approved of these, otherwise falling back to most approved of all the candidates?

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