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MDDSR is the same as MDDA, except that it uses SR instead of Approval.


A candidate is disqulified if another candidate is ranked over him/her by a 

The winner is the un-disqualified candidate with the best SR score.

[end of MDDSR definition]

Because SR resembles Borda, I'll sometimes refer to MDDSR as MDDB. That name 
is shorter, and it nicely follows MDDA.

As I said about SR, I haven't studied MDDSR yet, and it could have 
disadvanages that I don't know of yet.

MDDSR's advantages with respect to MDDA are:

1. MDDSR is completely ordinal, which is an advantage if you want a 
completely ordinal method.

2. Because MDDSR is completely ordinal, it asks less information from the 

An advantage of MDDA over MDDSR:

MDDA has a briefer definition, and that may well be the decisive factor, 
making MDDA a more winnable and more practical public proposal.

MDDSR, like MDDA, meets FBC and SFC. I haven't yet checked it out for SDSC.

Mike Ossipoff

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