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Kevin has written (in response to)
>--- "Simmons, Forest " <simmonfo at up.edu> a écrit :
>> This brings up a question.  How good is MinMax(Approval Against)?
>> By "Approval Against" I mean number of ballots on which  X is approved and Y is not.

> I call this "approval opposition."

>Maybe I'm crazy, but isn't this identical to AWP except that you're using Minmax
>as the base?

Forest replies.  So far we have "approval against," "approval opposition," and (recently from James) "SD" for strong defeat.

Yes, this is the measure of defeat strength used in AWP, but here's the question:  Is AWP based on River the same as AWP based on MinMax?   

Somewhat surprisingly, the answer to the analogous question for "winning approval" as a measure of defeat strength is affirmative:  River(wa) = MinMax(wa)= Ranked Pairs(wa)= Beatpath(wa)=DMC.

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