[EM] pSTV v0.8

Jeffrey O'Neill jeff.oneill at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 19:16:44 PDT 2005

pSTV version 0.8 is now available.

The visible differences are (1) and improved user interface, and (2) the 
ability to select candidates to eliminate before the votes are counted. 
  Behind-the-scenes improvements include (1) that the ERS97 rules are 
now implemented in fixed point and not floating point which makes them 
more robust, and (2) that some methods are faster than before.

Methods available:
   - SNTV
   - IRV
   - British Columbia STV
   - ERS97 STV
   - Cambridge, MA STV
   - Meek STV
   - Warren STV
   - customizable random transfer STV
   - customizable fractional transfer STV
   - Condorcet (completion with SSD, IRV, and Borda)
   - Bucklin
   - Borda
   - Coombs

More details and download links are at

Jeff O'Neill

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