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--- "Simmons, Forest " <simmonfo at up.edu> a écrit :
> >--- "Simmons, Forest " <simmonfo at up.edu> a écrit :
> >> This brings up a question.  How good is MinMax(Approval Against)?
> >> 
> >> By "Approval Against" I mean number of ballots on which  X is approved and Y is not.
> > I call this "approval opposition."
> Forest replies.  So far we have "approval against," "approval opposition," and (recently from
> James) "SD" for strong defeat.

I don't think "strong defeat" works well, since it sounds like an "it is or it isn't"
proposition, rather than a number of votes.

> Yes, this is the measure of defeat strength used in AWP, but here's the question:  Is AWP based
> on River the same as AWP based on MinMax?   
> Somewhat surprisingly, the answer to the analogous question for "winning approval" as a measure
> of defeat strength is affirmative:  River(wa) = MinMax(wa)= Ranked Pairs(wa)= Beatpath(wa)=DMC.

I think the answer for AWP is no. All these methods using WA are the same probably
because any given candidate's wins are all of the same strength. That isn't true
with AWP.

An interesting question: What if all one's *losses* are the same strength? Same

Kevin Venzke


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