[EM] A new little article

RLSuter at aol.com RLSuter at aol.com
Thu Nov 24 19:13:14 PST 2005

Rob Brown wrote:

<< I keep making attempts at writing some sort of article to explain what is
 wrong with our (well, the US's) voting system.  Here's my latest attempt:
 The point is to be as short and sweet as possible but get the idea across to
 average people with short attention spans.  I don't want to concentrate on
 the math because I think it loses people really quick.  But I will provide
 links to more information for those interested.
 Just a start but I'd be interested in feedback. >>

It's a nice article and nicely formatted. What do you plan to
link to the underlined word in the bottom box for people wanting
to learn more about tabulating ranked ballots?

-Ralph Suter

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