[EM] "scored condorcet", etc

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax abd at lomaxdesign.com
Wed Nov 23 10:44:16 PST 2005

At 02:43 AM 11/23/2005, rob brown wrote:
I believe strongly in the ability of graphics to communicate things 
that are very hard to communicate otherwise.  Pairwise matrices don't 
lend themselves to graphical display.

Color (even gray scale) can instantly show the Condorcet winner in a 
pairwise matrix. I'll use gray scale. When the candidate naming the 
row wins, leave the background color of the cell white. When the 
column candidate wins, gray it. The winner is the only candidate with 
a white row all the way across. (Color the cell with the same name 
row and column white also.)

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