[EM] "scored condorcet", etc

Rob Brown rob at karmatics.com
Mon Nov 21 14:22:00 PST 2005

Gervase Lam <gervase.lam <at> group.force9.co.uk> writes:
> If I remember rightly, Forest and then I came up with MinMax(wv) or
> other MinMax Condorcet method.  This is probably the easiest way to get
> scores from a Condorcet method.
> ...
> Is MinMax good enough?

Yeah, I just realized (see my reply to Kevin) that MinMax probably does
what I need.

Whether its good enough or not I don't know.  I think the ability to show
scores would far outweigh its imperfections.

I would probably want to do some normalization with the scores so that
higher scores are better, and so that the score of the lowest candidate
is not zero unless he really got zero votes....but that is fairly trivial.


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