[EM] MDD incmpatible with cloneproofness?

Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Sat Nov 19 09:18:10 PST 2005


--- Warren Smith <wds at math.temple.edu> a écrit :
> --wait a minute.  MDD permits equal rankings inherently.
> I therefore assume that all clones are reated equally on all ballots.
> Then cycles are not happening.   No majority strength defeast either appear or
> go away when you put clones.
> So I don't kno what "clone" definition you have in mind, but for the one
> I here have in mind, I was right.  I will add a note to that effect.

I can see that this definition of "clone" is useful for making
methods satisfy Clone-Winner that otherwise wouldn't. But it
makes Clone-Loser pretty worthless: If some faction is nominating
clones in order to get an advantage, they aren't going to rank
the candidates equal if that isn't advantageous. They'll instead
strictly rank the candidates. But your "clone" definition won't
detect this kind of manipulation.

Kevin Venzke


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