[EM] MDD incmpatible with cloneproofness?

Warren Smith wds at math.temple.edu
Sat Nov 19 08:37:37 PST 2005

The "MDD" process is inherently incompatible with clone
independence. No matter what you do after MDD, it's possible
that cloning the winner, such that there's a majority-strength
cycle among the clones, will cause the win to necessarily move
to some other candidate.

--wait a minute.  MDD permits equal rankings inherently.
I therefore assume that all clones are reated equally on all ballots.
Then cycles are not happening.   No majority strength defeast either appear or
go away when you put clones.

So I don't kno what "clone" definition you have in mind, but for the one
I here have in mind, I was right.  I will add a note to that effect.

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