[EM] Beatpath and SSD aren't manipulable. "Manipulable" is barking up the wrong tree.

Chris Benham chrisbenham at bigpond.com
Tue Nov 8 08:27:21 PST 2005


> Warren--
> You wrote:
> I would expect  it [beatpath] is extremely manipulable.
> I reply:
> Critics of pairwise-count methods speak of how they're vulnerable to 
> two offensive strategies:
> Truncation and offensive order-reversal.
> And, for all Condorcet methods other than Condorcet(wv), they're 
> right. All Condorcet methods that don't use winning-votes are a 
> strategic mess, just as you suspect. But wv is different. You're 
> ignoring the distinction between different kinds of Condorcet. 

46: A>B
44: B>C   (sincere is B or B>A)
10: C

The defeat-dropper style  "Condorcet(wv)" method you refer to here 
elects B.

This looks a lot like vulnerability to  "offensive order-reversal"  (aka 
Burial strategy) to  me.

Chris  Benham

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