[EM] debian leader elections 2001-2005

Warren Smith wds at math.temple.edu
Thu Nov 3 09:00:37 PST 2005

other ideas for electowidget:

1. it currently complains about some of the debian elections that there's
over 42KB of data, therefore it is unhappy.   If you actually tried to run
a fairly large election (5000 voters) therefore, it seems it would
be dead meat.   Probably the only way out is to rewrite stuff in a real
language like C (to get speed).

2. If you click on the thing (e.g. on
under "ballots") to show the ballots, then it is actually not all that clear to viewer
what is going on since the numerical votes are actually physically located closer to the
wrong candidate than the right one.  This could be fixed by adding vertical lines to
your <table> or different backgorund colors in different columns, or something.

3. If somebody tries to read the
page in detail, some things are not actually very clear to the reader, and
that just requires more careful english writing & formatting to improve.

All in all, though, it is quite beautiful.  :)

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