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Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Tue Nov 1 14:09:57 PST 2005


--- Chris Benham <chrisbenham at bigpond.com> a écrit :
> Kevin, I'd be interested in seeing a demonstration that MDD  "inherently 
> fails Clone-Winner".
> Can you please give or point us to one?

Suppose we're using an election method which starts out with MDD. Suppose 
there are only two candidates, A and B, neither of which is disqualified by
MDD, and the winner is A. Clone-Winner requires that if we replace A with a 
set of clones {c,d,e}, in any fashion, the winner not change to B. But if
we introduce {c,d,e} such that they're in a majority-strength cycle, the
winner (due to MDD) must be B, because all of {c,d,e} are disqualified.

You can think of CDTT as a clone-proof version of MDD: Using the CDTT,
a candidate can avoid disqualification if he has a majority-strength beatpath
back to whoever would disqualify him under MDD.

Kevin Venzke


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