[EM] Javascript matrix/bar chart generator

rob brown rob at karmatics.com
Tue Nov 29 20:44:43 PST 2005

I made a start at some stuff to do improved output for condorcet election


There is no server component to this, so if you want to play with it you can
download the files to your computer, edit them to your heart's content and
it will all work.  The processing is done in javascript, which has a lot of
advantages for some of the future plans I have for this.  For instance, it
doesn't really matter if an algorithm is inefficient, since it is processed
on the client.  Also there is a certain transparency to be had by having the
processing (at least the post-pairwise matrix processing) happen on the
client.  And of course the ease that anyone can muck with it without having
to have perl, php, a web server, or any of that sort of thing running (all
you need is a browser and text editor).

To allow an actual election to take place there will have to be a server
component of course.

The scoring stuff is experimental.  I'm sure I'll do other tabulation
methods, but I figured I'd start with the scoring algorithm I came up with,
and try not to lose sleep over who is offended by that :) .  I'm also
planning on doing some stuff to display "relative scores" on the bar
chart....soon.  Got various other plans for this, but I figured I'd throw
what I've got out there for now.  It will probably be several weeks before I
do more with it since I can't afford much more time right now.

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