[EM] electowidget

Warren Smith wds at math.temple.edu
Tue Nov 1 12:22:53 PST 2005

first, it wants me to "log in" which I do not know how to do, in
order to vote.

Second, I do not like negative numbers as votes.  They are confusing.
Make it 0 to 10 not -5 to +5, say.

Third, your poll is totaled using Schulze.  Why?
I would like it to be totalled using lots of methods and see what happens.
Which methods have been implemented?

Fourth, I prefer it if we are allowed to offer "X" (no opinion, intentional blank)
as a vote for something we know nothing about.   Your "0" vote
can have the effect of supporting or denigrating a candidate (it depends on
what the other votes are for the other candidates).

Fifth, I would like voters to be able to change their votes after time goes by.
Is that possible at present?

Sixth, I hve no idea what the hell this "radioactive" thing means.

Your http://wiki.electorama.com/wiki/Electowidget
page is not user-friendly.  It starts out sounding like a programmer's
manual.  Which is isn't.  But anyhow, what is wanted is a VOTER'S MANUAL,
and a HOW_TO_MAKE_YOUR_WON_ELECTIONS MANUAL, which this isn't  So it is too
usr-hostile at the moment.  And if I click on your
"example elections" thinking, now I'm goign to get something easy to understand,
Holy Cow, I get some total monster amount of data spew.

I think electowidget is headed for glory, but right now it has annoyances
that will turn off most people.

When this reaches a higher stage of glory, I will probably be interested in 
stealing the code if I may, for CRV...

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