[Fwd: Re: [EM] Completed comments on Abd's posting]

Jobst Heitzig heitzig-j at web.de
Sun Jun 26 11:53:45 PDT 2005

Dear Clark!

>>May I remind you that this is neither a list for discussing politics nor
>>for comments about persons may they be members of the list or
>>ex-presidents. To me, it becomes more and more difficult to find
>>valuable contributions to the study and understanding of election
>>methods here these months.
> Agreed.  Mail filters work great for excluding posts by particular
> individuals, but the problem is that other people then reply to such
> posts (even though there seems to be an epidemic of "I'm not going to
> reply to so-and-so anymore" and then replying anyway).

Please don't get me wrong. I was not indicating that my opinion was that
any list members should be excluded from consideration -- that is not at
all my opinion.

Yours, Jobst

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