[EM] FBC vs some other criteria

James Green-Armytage jarmyta at antioch-college.edu
Wed Jun 1 23:56:53 PDT 2005

James replying to Mike, on the topic of MM(po)'s FBC compliance...
>And it wasn't based on the behavior of one person in an Internet poll. It 
>was based on one person iln an Internet poll and many thousands of voters
>Australian IRV elections.

	We agree that plain IRV gives strong incentives for
compromising-reversal. But I'm comparing MM(po) to beatpath(wv), not to
plain IRV.
	Theoretical analysis tells us that compromising-reversal incentive in
beatpath(wv) is too minor to deserve much worry. You attempt to contradict
this analysis by citing the behavior of one person in an internet poll.
>You, James, haven't talked to progressives who say that they're going to 
>bury their favorite because of strategic need to do so. Lots do. Lots do
>Australia, though they don't know about IRV's specific problems.

	Plain IRV has a much stronger incentive for compromising-reversal than
beatpath(wv), because it doesn't allow equal ranking, and because it
doesn't limit compromising incentive to scenarios with no CW.


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