[EM] Mike: what is the "tied at the top rule"?

James Green-Armytage jarmyta at antioch-college.edu
Tue Jun 21 20:04:38 PDT 2005


	I believe that you added this method to the method evaluation poll:
"Condorcet//approval with FBC patch ("tied at the top" rule)"

	Could you please define the tied at the top rule in electowiki? It's
quite easy. Just go to this link, click "edit", write in a definition, and
hit save.

	You can use the same process to define AERLO and ATLO, i.e. by clicking
on this link:

	In general, I think that we should all make an effort to define methods
on electowiki if they are not generally known and if we continually bring
them up in discussion. If anyone would like me to add definitions for some
of the terms that I use, please feel free to make a specific request.
Since the electowiki is now available and easy to use, and it defining
one's terms on the electowiki makes it easier for others to understand us,
I would like to consider it a point of etiquette for the EM list at this

thank you,

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