[EM] Clarification about trust & hope for borderline strategizers

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 19 21:47:11 PDT 2005

Just to clarify something that I was saying earlier today, it's known that 
some will drastically strategize and some won't, with a rank method, but it 
isn't know what the percentage is.

With MMPO and SSD, there's a chance that moving your 2nd choice from 1st 
place to 2nd place won't make him lose to your last choice. That chance 
might be better with those methods than with Approval, where downrating the 
2nd choice means treating him no different from your last choice. And, 
additionally, there's a chance that the premise conditions of SFC (for MMPO 
or SSD) CC, Smith, ICC, MMC, GSFC or SDSC ( for SSD) will be met, and that, 
too, could save you from regreting sincere voting. As I said, it's a matter 
of trust and hope.

For the borderline strategizer that trust and hope could make the 
difference. But the person who identifies an acceptable/unacceptable 
situation (as I do), or for the really timid lesser-of-2-evils voter, those 
optimistic possibilities don't mean much. That's because they're only 
possibilities, and such people are more interested in maximizing the chance 
of defeating the unacceptable set, or some lesser-evil, than taking a chance 
on what might or might not be so.

In that case, it could often be optimal to vote someone over your favorite, 
if the method doesn't meet FBC.

Mike Ossipoff

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