[EM] The poll is a good idea--suggestions for a better one

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 16 22:11:15 PDT 2005

1. The classification and ordering of the methods (candidates):

The number of people voting in the sections is closely related to how close 
to the beginning they are. So the ordering of the methods matters.

The first section should be for methods claimed by someone to be the best. 
Within that section, they should be ordered according to how many people 
think so. Default: alphabetical order.

Then there should be a section for methods claimed to be very good.

Then "pretty good"

Then "few or no merit claims"

Then "generally disliked on EM"

If order didn't matter, the classification that you used would have been ok.

Enhanced MMPO, the method that I claim is the best, is near the very bottom 
of the ballot.

2. Balloting

When there are a lot of candidates, sincere rating is by far the most 
difficult kind of voting. Ranking is easier. With lots of candidates, 
Approval is significantly easier than ranking.

Certainly ratings are justified, though, because there are a number of 
methods that use ratings, in addition to CR itself.

But the main objection to the balloting is that it can only be counted for a 
few kinds of methods: Rank methods, CR, other methods that use ratings, and 
methods that combine rankings and ratings.

It can be counted for wv and CWP, but not for Approval or enhanced MMPO.

I suggest that EM polls are at their most interesting and useful if they can 
be counted for more methods

Of course EM voters vote sincerely, and don't need enhanced MMPO as voters 
in public elections do.
For that reason, as a practical matter, we can get by with wv.

I rated wv below MMPO, because surely the merit we're talking about is merit 
for public elections, where MMPO  (especially enhanced) is more appropriate 
to voters' needs than wv is.

But, for sincere voters, BeatpathWinner (even unenhanced) and the other best 
wv methods are probably just as good as MMPO. For sincere voters, maybe even 
a little better.

Mike Ossipoff

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