[EM] another wiki poll - assign ratings to single-winner methods!

James Green-Armytage James_Green-Armytage at antioch-college.edu
Tue Jun 14 05:44:44 PDT 2005

Hi folks,
	The "essential questions" poll on electowiki inspired me to start another
poll with the same format, but where instead of agreeing/disagreeing with
statements of principle, we will be rating single winner methods on a
scale from 0 to 10.


	The poll is still in its early stages, but I wanted to let you'all know
about it anyway. Feel free to add any single-winner method that you like.
The format (general rules) are the same as the "essential questions" poll.
In this poll, I'd like the methods to be evaluated purely on merit, rather
than on a combination of merit and salability. If anyone else wants to do
a salability poll, I request that it be done separately from this merit

my best,

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