[EM] Not only _would_ Nader be CW, but Nader _is_ CW in most rank polls

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 8 19:05:04 PDT 2005

Curt says:

I've *never* heard anyone allege that Nader would have been Condorcet
Winner.  That would mean the population would have preferred him head-
to-head over the Democrat in sincere votes.

I reply:

Curt, check the text that you copied (below), and you'll find that I was 
referring to polls. Not only _would_ Nader be CW in those polls, but Nader 
_is_ CW in most rank-balloting polls.

Perhap you thought that I was saying that the polls prove that Nader would 
be CW in a public rank-balloting election. But did I say that? I said that 
the polls show Nader to be CW, and that's an accurate stastement.

No one can guess what would happen in a public election if we used a better 
voting system, or if we had the fair media coverage that I described. So I 
won't debate with you how Nader would do. But I will say that one rarely 
meets a Democrat voter who thinks that Kerry is as honest as Nader, or who 
likes Kerry's policies as much as those of Nader.

Curt, could it  be that you have your head up your tv?

Mike Ossipoff

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