[EM] CR with AERLO gets rid of the co-operation/defection dilemma

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 20 01:10:00 PST 2004

One more thing: As the subject line says, the co-operation/defection dilemma 
that James posed no longer is ia problem when CR with AERLO is used.

To repeat the dilemma, say a majority are roughly equally divided between A  
& B, and that that majority much prefer both A & B to the despised C.

Say you're an A-preferrer. Say you responsibly vote for A & B, to make sure 
that C is defeated. The B voters could take advantage of your responsible 
voting by voting only for B, B wins because B voters are more untrustworthy.

Yes that's a problem in Approval when it happens. No, it isn't a serious 
problem, for a number of reasons that I gave when this was discussed. For 
one thing, it doesn't make a majority rule violation. For another thing 
there are several reasons why it isn't likely or could be avoided. I won't 
take up your time by repeating what I've already posted about that.

Anyway, say the method is CR with AERLO. If you're an A-preferrer, draw your 
AERLO line beneath A & B, and give maximuim points to A, and give minimum 
points to B.

In fact you could do the equivalent same thing with AERLO Condorcet(wv). I'd 
previously pointed out that ATLO avoids that problem with Condorcet. But 
AERLO avoids it too.

You know, Approval is much less familiar to people than CR is. Everyone's 
heard of rating by numbers. Practically no one has heard of Approval. That's 
why Approval always comes up against the fallacious "one-person-one-vote" 
objection. CR receives no such objection, because it doesn't get mistaken 
for illegal Plurality.

Of course, if you're going to propose Approval, offer it as a point system. 
The 0,1 point system in which you can give to anyone either 1 point or 0 
points. Maybe mention other CR versions first, such as 0-10, 0-100, -10 t0 
10, etc.

But, better yet, why not just propose CR instead, because it's what people 
are familiar with.

For pure merit, without regard to winnabilitly, if AERLO weren't available, 
I'd say that Approval is my favorite CR version. But, for one thing, we have 
to consider public winnability instead of just pure merit. Besides, with 
AERLO, CR surpasses Approval  in the ways that I've described in these two 

Mike Ossipoiff

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