[EM] Oops. It doesn't get rid of co-operation/defection dilemma

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 20 01:50:19 PST 2004

It's just occurred to me that it isn't true that CR with AERLO gets rid of 
that co-operation/defection dilemma.

If you gave maximum points to  A and minimulm points to B, and the B voters 
gave maximum to B and minimulm to A, and the C voters gave maximum to C and 
minimum to A & B, then neither A nor B would have majorityi support against 
C, whose plurality is larger than those of A or B.

C wins, and then your AERLO instruction gives maximum points to B, who wins, 
rewarding his voters for defecting against A.

But CR with AERLO has the advantages described in my 1st of these e-mails, 
the one entitled "CR with AERLO. Sincere-incentive CR. 2-Stage Approval"

Also, Condorcet(wv) with ATLO gets rid of the co-operation/defection 
dilemma, as I pointed out some months ago.

Mike Ossipoff

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