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Ernest Prabhakar ernest at drernie.com
Fri Jan 30 20:49:37 PST 2004

Hi Steve,

On Jan 28, 2004, at 12:42 PM, Steve Eppley wrote:
> By the way, I detest using terms like "defeat" and "winning
> votes" when referring to pairwise majority outranking.

Yeah, I agree those terms get a bit geeky.  I'll try to find a better 

> Those terms are misleading since a candidate ranked below
> another by a majority is not really "defeated" and may
> actually be the one elected.  In the social choice
> literature, a common phrase for winning votes is "the size
> of the supporting coalition" (or the shorter "support
> size") where the term "support" is defined in the pairwise
> relative sense.  May I suggest replacing "wv" with "ssc"
> (size of supporting coalition) and replacing "margins" with
> "ssc-soc" (size of supporting coalition minus size of
> opposing coalition)?

I do like the term 'pairwise majority' - I may use that.

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ps When were you at Caltech?

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