[EM] Re: "Implied ranked choice" method

Rob Brown rob at karmatics.com
Tue Aug 31 14:25:39 PDT 2004

Eric Gorr <eric <at> ericgorr.net> writes:
> At 8:50 PM +0000 8/31/04, Rob Brown wrote:
> >Has anyone ever proposed such a thing?
> Yes.

What do they call it?  Is there any site out there which talks about it?
> With software, providing such a feature would be trivial. Each 
> candidate could provide their preferred ranking, a Political Party 
> could provide theirs, various political groups could provide theirs, 
> etc.
> The voter could select one of these rankings or would always have the 
> option of doing it themselves...some voters will take the time to 
> educate themselves.

Yes, my concern is that if you don't keep it simple (people still having it as 
their only option to vote for one and only one candidate)....then you still 
have all the expense and problems of the other systems.  While I suppose a 
political organization could provide a list, they would have to pick a single 
candidate to be the top of the list, and that would be the only list for that 
candidate.  Otherwise the simplicity for voters is lost, and there doesn't 
seem to be a point to doing it this way.


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