[EM] Condorcet in 12 words or less

Dr.Ernie Prabhakar drernie at radicalcentrism.org
Wed Aug 18 12:08:45 PDT 2004

On Aug 18, 2004, at 11:52 AM, Eric Gorr wrote:
> Anyone want to take a stab an giving an explanation of Condorcet 
> Voting in 12 words or less...?

I'm a sucker for terse phrasing:

Rank all candidates.  Pick one most preferred over each of the others.

Twelve exactly!

Of course, the whole notion is a little silly - whether an explanation 
works depends on the audience and context, and I of course am leaving 
out things like ties and partial ballots.

> I took a stab at Approval Voting:
>   Vote for one or more candidates. Elect the candidate with the most 
> votes.
> but got 13 words...apparently not good enough.

Approval might actually be easier:

Vote "Yes/No" for each candidate; one with most Yes's wins.

11 words! :-)


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