[EM] touch screen voting machines

David GLAUDE dglaude at gmx.net
Sat Nov 8 15:01:05 PST 2003

In Belgium, there are law that say the administration must be transparent.

So we asked the belgian administration for the code and all detail of 
the voting system in use.
It was refused to us saying it would not be secure and all...
Then we went to court... it took a bit of time.
The first step was that they release source code less some security 
feature (hashing, checksum, crypto, ...).
Then we won in court and this year the full source code was made 
available (no documentation, not a sample floppy image used or 
description of the hardware)... just the code.

And one of the program was written in a non standard company specific 

I believe it is likely that some law or something in the constitution 
say the administration and the election process should be transparent.

But please remember that having the code does not garantee anything 
since it can be different from the one running at election day. Also you 
have the bios, the OS, the hardware, ...

Good luck.


Forest Simmons wrote:

> So far there are no laws that require these companies to reveal the
> internal workings of their machines.

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