[EM] touch screen voting machines

Forest Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Fri Nov 7 17:45:02 PST 2003

The latest issue of "Hightower's Low Down" talks about the various private
companies (and their conflicts of interest) that have been supplying the
touch screen voting machines, along with some of the hanky panky that has
already taken place.

Besides the outright scandals there are the suspicious results:

For example, three Republican candidates in three separate elections
counted by machines supplied by the same company with tight Republican
connections win by the exact same margin of votes, some improbable number
like 10,800.

When authorities requested permission to audit the voting records, the
company explained that they didn't have room to save them so they had
erased them.

Do you trust these guys?

So far there are no laws that require these companies to reveal the
internal workings of their machines.

It looks like Bush won't need a boost from the supreme court this time


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