[EM] Summability

Adam Tarr atarr at purdue.edu
Fri Jul 25 07:55:19 PDT 2003

Markus Schulze wrote:

>The task of an election method is to find the best candidate according to 
>a given heuristic. Therefore, every strategical behaviour is undesirable.

The second statement does not logically follow from the first.  It's a 
possible conclusion, but definitely not the only one.

>The common opinion is that it should be as expensive as possible to get 
>the needed information to develop and run a strategy so that it is as 
>unattractive as possible to run a strategy and so that the advantage of 
>the richer voters is as small as possible.

Another possible opinion is that sophisticated strategy should be a close 
to the same as sincere strategy as possible, so that that the advantage of 
the richer voters is as small as possible.


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