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Olli Salmi olli.salmi at uusikaupunki.fi
Mon Jul 21 07:17:02 PDT 2003

At 21:16 +0200 11.7.2003, Kevin Venzke wrote:
>(I'm rather ignorant about PR and PAV, so here's hoping no one finds 
>this message

PAV, Proportional Approval Voting, is an invention by Forest Simmons

Sequential PAV

The sequential form is a reinvention of a method of professor Thiele, 
from Copenhagen, which was criticized by professor Phragmén from 
Stockholm, validly , I think.

Here's a description of Phragmén's method
In a preferential form, it's still part of Sweden's electoral law but 
in actual practice it's a closed list. The oldest reference I've 
found to the original method is a short article in French in 1894.

These are approval methods, Phragmén explicitly mentions that the 
restriction on the number of candidates the voter votes for is 
unnecessary. It should be mentioned that Phragmén also described an 
approval method with a quota.

Olli Salmi

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