[EM] Majority Choice Approval and Bucklin

Venzke Kevin stepjak at yahoo.fr
Wed Feb 19 22:00:31 PST 2003

 --- Alex Small <asmall at physics.ucsb.edu> a écrit : >
Majority Choice Approval is also attractive.  I
> haven't heard too many
> objections on this list.

Hello.  I went back and looked for a definition of
"MCA" on Yahoo Groups archives, and this is the
understanding I managed.  It might be wrong:

You vote Preferred, Approved, or neither.  If anyone
has a majority of voters preferring them, they win;
else "approved" votes are also counted, until someone
has a majority.  (Possible that a majority will

Can someone tell me how this differs from Bucklin
(with two rankings permitted)?  It seems similar to
me, but doesn't Bucklin suffer from severe strategy



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