[EM] IRV update and approval vs. range

Alex Small asmall at physics.ucsb.edu
Wed Feb 19 20:45:21 PST 2003

Douglas Greene said:
> I'm all for approval.  But, we do have to concede that people like the
> expressivity of rank ordering (even if, as in IRV, it has negative
> consequences).
> So . . why do we think approval is superior to range (aka cardinal
> rankings) as a public proposal?

I think most people here would say that if the public prefers the optional
expressivity of Cardinal Ratings then CR is fine.  Those who want to vote
zero or full points for everybody can treat it as an Approval election. 
Those who want to give partial points can do so.

Majority Choice Approval is also attractive.  I haven't heard too many
objections on this list.


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