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Blake Cretney blake at condorcet.org
Sat Feb 15 19:42:25 PST 2003

I notice that the margins vs winning-votes issue has come up yet again. 
For anyone who is interested in the pro-margin position, you can see my
discussion at the following web page.


My program for calculating Ranked Pairs can be used from the following
page.  It only does margins.


Blake Cretney   http://condorcet.org

Ranked Pairs gives the ranking of the options that always reflects 
the majority preference between any two options, except in order to
reflect majority preferences with greater margins. 
(B. T. Zavist & T. Tideman, "Complete independence  of clones in the 
ranked pairs rule", Social choice and welfare, vol 6, 167-173, 1989)

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